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Vinyl Revolution


Vinyl Revolution is a collection of 500 samples taken directly from old vinyl records and processed with various gear. Each drum hit has been captured using various turntables and taken from a vinyl collection spanning decades. Great care was taken to select the best sounding hits and each sound was isolated and chopped at zero-point crossings.

The collection includes:

30 claps
13 cymbals
71 hats
82 kicks
48 percussion
119 snares
10 toms
56 vinyl effects (crackle, hiss, hum, scratch, etc)
71 vinyl sounds (guitars, pads, EP, bass sounds)
500 samples in total.

If you are looking for an authentic way to add real crunch to your productions Vinyl Revolution is the ultimate sample pack and can be used in practically any genre. 

Premium File Contents
Vinyl Clap 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 11.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 12.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 13.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 14.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 15.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 16.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 17.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 18.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 19.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 20.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 21.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 22.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 23.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 24.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 25.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 26.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 27.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 28.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 29.wav.wav
Vinyl Clap 30.wav.wav
Vinyl Crash 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Crash 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Crash 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Crash 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Crash 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Crash 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Ride 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Ride 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Ride 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Ride 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Ride 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Ride 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Ride 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Drum Sounds Demo tune.mp3.mp3
Vinyl Hat 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 11.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 12.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 13.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 14.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 15.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 16.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 17.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 18.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 19.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 20.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 21.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 22.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 23.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 24.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 25.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 26.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 27.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 28.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 29.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 30.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 31.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 32.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 33.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 34.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 35.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 36.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 37.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 38.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 39.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 40.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 41.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 42.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 43.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 44.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 45.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 46.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 47.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 48.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 49.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 50.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 51.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 52.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 53.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 54.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 55.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 56.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 57.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 58.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 59.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 60.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 61.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 62.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 63.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 64.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 65.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 66.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 67.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 68.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 69.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 70.wav.wav
Vinyl Hat 71.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 11.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 12.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 13.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 14.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 15.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 16.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 17.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 18.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 19.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 20.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 21.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 22.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 23.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 24.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 25.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 26.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 27.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 28.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 29.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 30.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 31.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 32.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 33.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 34.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 35.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 36.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 37.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 38.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 39.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 40.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 41.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 42.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 43.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 44.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 45.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 46.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 47.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 48.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 49.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 50.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 51.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 52.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 53.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 54.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 55.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 56.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 57.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 58.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 59.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 60.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 61.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 62.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 63.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 64.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 65.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 66.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 67.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 68.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 69.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 70.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 71.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 72.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 73.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 74.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 75.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 76.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 77.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 78.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 79.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 80.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 81.wav.wav
Vinyl Kick 82.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 11.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 12.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 13.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 14.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 15.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 16.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 17.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 18.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 19.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 20.wav.wav
Vinyl Bongo 21.wav.wav
Vinyl Cowbell 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Cowbell 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Cowbell 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Cowbell 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Cowbell 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Cowbell 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Cowbell 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Perc 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Shaker 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Combi 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Combi 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Combi 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Combi 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Combi 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Combi 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Combi 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Rim 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Roll 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Roll 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Roll 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Roll 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Roll 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 11.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 12.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 13.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 14.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 15.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 16.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 17.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 18.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 19.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 20.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 21.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 22.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 23.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 24.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 25.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 26.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 27.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 28.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 29.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 30.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 31.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 32.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 33.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 34.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 35.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 36.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 37.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 38.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 39.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 40.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 41.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 42.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 43.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 44.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 45.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 46.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 47.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 48.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 49.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 50.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 51.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 52.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 53.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 54.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 55.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 56.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 57.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 58.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 59.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 60.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 61.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 62.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 63.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 64.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 65.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 66.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 67.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 68.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 69.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 70.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 71.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 72.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 73.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 74.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 75.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 76.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 78.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 79.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 80.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 81.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 82.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 83.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 84.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 85.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 86.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 87.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 88.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 89.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 90.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 91.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 92.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 93.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 94.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 95.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 96.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 97.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 98.wav.wav
Vinyl Snare 99.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 04.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 05.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 06.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 07.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 08.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 09.wav.wav
Vinyl Tom 10.wav.wav
Vinyl Hit 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Hit 02.wav.wav
Vinyl Hit 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Hit 04.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 01.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 02.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 03.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 04.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 05.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 06.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 07.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 08.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 09.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 10.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 11.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 12.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 13.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 14.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 15.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 16.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 17.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 18.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 19.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 20.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 21.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 22.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 23.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 24.wav.wav
Vinyl LP FX 25.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 01.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 02.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 03.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 04.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 05.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 06.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 07.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 08.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 09.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 10.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 11.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 12.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 13.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 14.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 15.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 16.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 17.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 18.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 19.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 20.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 21.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 22.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 23.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 24.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 25.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 26.wav.wav
Vinyl LP Noise 27.wav.wav
Guitar 1.wav.wav
Guitar 2.wav.wav
Guitar 3.wav.wav
Guitar 4.wav.wav
Guitar 5.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 01.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 02.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 03.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 04.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 05.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 06.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 07.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 08.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 09.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 10.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 11.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 12.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 13.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 14.wav.wav
Guitar Loop 15.wav.wav
Guitar Mshp Mute 1.wav.wav
Guitar Mshp Mute 2.wav.wav
Guitar Mshp Mute 3.wav.wav
Guitar Wah 1.wav.wav
Guitar Wah 2.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Chunk 1 B.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Chunk 2 B.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Chunk 3 B.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Chunk 4 B.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Wah 1 B.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Wah 2 B.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Wah 3 B.wav.wav
Guitar Znk Wah 4 B.wav.wav
Synth Neptune.wav.wav
Vari Fx 01.wav.wav
Vari Fx 02.wav.wav
Vari Fx 03.wav.wav
Vari Stab 1.wav.wav
Vari Stab 2.wav.wav
Vinyl Bass 1 C.wav.wav
Vinyl Bass 2 E.wav.wav
Vinyl Bass 3 A.wav.wav
Vinyl Bass 4 E.wav.wav
Vinyl Bass Drop.wav.wav
Vinyl EP 1 E.wav.wav
Vinyl EP 2 E.wav.wav
Vinyl EP 3 E.wav.wav
Vinyl EP 4.wav.wav
Vinyl EP 5.wav.wav
Vinyl EP 6 c.wav.wav
Vinyl Fx AT.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 1.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 10 C.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 11 C.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 12.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 13 A.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 14.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 2.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 3.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 4.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 5.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 6.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 7.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 8.wav.wav
Vinyl Pad 9.wav.wav
Vinyl ShortWah E.wav.wav
Vinyl Sound 01.wav.wav
Vinyl Sound 03.wav.wav
Vinyl Sound 04.wav.wav