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Z3TA Kicks

A Sample Collection of Hard Hitting Hip Hop and EDM Kick Drums

This kick drum collection includes over 100 individually processed samples ready to drop into any DAW or sampler and features 808 style kicks, sub basses, acoustic kicks, distorted kicks, EDM kicks, and more.

The kicks were all created with Cakewalks Z3TA+2 synth, and take heavy advantage of Z3TA’s analog emulation and distortion modes. The result is a selection of character driven samples and presets that will enhance any hip hop or drum focused production.


As a bonus for Z3TA+2 owners presets have been added, featuring Z3TA’s unique X-Y Pad configured as a flexible and easy to use tonal control. Custom MIDI patterns have also been included, accessible from each kicks Arp menu.

A selection of presets and 20 Kick samples are available FREE at


  • 112 Kick Drum Samples in 24/48 WAVE format
  • 26 Z3TA+2 Synth Presets
  • 26 MIDI kick patterns
Premium File Contents
Info & Guide.pdf.pdf
_Kick Init 01.fxp.fxp
Kick 001.fxp.fxp
Kick 002.fxp.fxp
Kick 003.fxp.fxp
Kick 004.fxp.fxp
Kick 005.fxp.fxp
Kick 006.fxp.fxp
Kick 007.fxp.fxp
Kick 008.fxp.fxp
Kick 009.fxp.fxp
Kick 010.fxp.fxp
Kick 011.fxp.fxp
Kick 012.fxp.fxp
Kick 013.fxp.fxp
Kick 014.fxp.fxp
Kick 015.fxp.fxp
Kick 016.fxp.fxp
Kick 017.fxp.fxp
Kick 018.fxp.fxp
Kick 019.fxp.fxp
Kick 020.fxp.fxp
Kick 021.fxp.fxp
Kick 022.fxp.fxp
Kick 023.fxp.fxp
Kick 024.fxp.fxp
Kick 025.fxp.fxp
Kick 026.fxp.fxp
Pattern 01_101bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 02_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 03_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 04_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 05_80bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 06_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 07_88bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 08_88bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 09_94bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 10_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 11_83bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 12_87_bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 13_95_bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 14_68bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 15_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 16_105bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 17_94bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 18_117bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 19_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 20_92bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 21_110bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 22_80bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 23_89bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 24_91bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 25_87bpm.mid.mid
Pattern 26_98bpm.mid.mid
Kick 001.wav.wav
Kick 002.wav.wav
Kick 003.wav.wav
Kick 004.wav.wav
Kick 005.wav.wav
Kick 006.wav.wav
Kick 007.wav.wav
Kick 008.wav.wav
Kick 009.wav.wav
Kick 010.wav.wav
Kick 011.wav.wav
Kick 012.wav.wav
Kick 013.wav.wav
Kick 014.wav.wav
Kick 015.wav.wav
Kick 016.wav.wav
Kick 017.wav.wav
Kick 018.wav.wav
Kick 019.wav.wav
Kick 020.wav.wav
Kick 021.wav.wav
Kick 022.wav.wav
Kick 023.wav.wav
Kick 024.wav.wav
Kick 025.wav.wav
Kick 026.wav.wav
Kick 027.wav.wav
Kick 028.wav.wav
Kick 029.wav.wav
Kick 030.wav.wav
Kick 031.wav.wav
Kick 032.wav.wav
Kick 033.wav.wav
Kick 034.wav.wav
Kick 035.wav.wav
Kick 036.wav.wav
Kick 037.wav.wav
Kick 038.wav.wav
Kick 039.wav.wav
Kick 040.wav.wav
Kick 041.wav.wav
Kick 042.wav.wav
Kick 043.wav.wav
Kick 044.wav.wav
Kick 045.wav.wav
Kick 046.wav.wav
Kick 047.wav.wav
Kick 048.wav.wav
Kick 049.wav.wav
Kick 050.wav.wav
Kick 051.wav.wav
Kick 052.wav.wav
Kick 053.wav.wav
Kick 054.wav.wav
Kick 055.wav.wav
Kick 056.wav.wav
Kick 057.wav.wav
Kick 058.wav.wav
Kick 059.wav.wav
Kick 060.wav.wav
Kick 061.wav.wav
Kick 062.wav.wav
Kick 063.wav.wav
Kick 064.wav.wav
Kick 065.wav.wav
Kick 066.wav.wav
Kick 067.wav.wav
Kick 068.wav.wav
Kick 069.wav.wav
Kick 070.wav.wav
Kick 071.wav.wav
Kick 072.wav.wav
Kick 073.wav.wav
Kick 074.wav.wav
Kick 075.wav.wav
Kick 076.wav.wav
Kick 077.wav.wav
Kick 078.wav.wav
Kick 079.wav.wav
Kick 080.wav.wav
Kick 081.wav.wav
Kick 082.wav.wav
Kick 083.wav.wav
Kick 084.wav.wav
Kick 085.wav.wav
Kick 086.wav.wav
Kick 087.wav.wav
Kick 088.wav.wav
Kick 089.wav.wav
Kick 090.wav.wav
Kick 091.wav.wav
Kick 092.wav.wav
Kick 093.wav.wav
Kick 094.wav.wav
Kick 095.wav.wav
Kick 096.wav.wav
Kick 097.wav.wav
Kick 098.wav.wav
Kick 099.wav.wav
Kick 100.wav.wav
Kick 101.wav.wav
Kick 102.wav.wav
Kick 103.wav.wav
Kick 104.wav.wav
Kick 105.wav.wav
Kick 106.wav.wav
Kick 107.wav.wav
Kick 108.wav.wav
Kick 109.wav.wav
Kick 110.wav.wav
Kick 111.wav.wav
Kick 112.wav.wav